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We will compete with more than 100 teams and share great experiences, we will have fun, we will create our teams and we will carry out the necessary strategies to advance the game. We will put our skills and knowledge to work to be the best team of Cheers4U 2019.
On October 4th 2019, we will play in the largest Team Building Inter-Companies with Social Value, in a unique place like the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Download the .PDF file of Cheers4U with the complete information.

L'Esdeveniment - Cheers4U


On Friday, October 4th at 11:00 AM we will meet at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmeló. Bring us your Cheers4U 2019 accreditation team that you will receive by email.

At the end of the competition there will be a party with DJ’s, finger food and the award for the Best Cheers4U 2019 Team. Go on, let’s register your team. It will be fun!


The event is a Team Building Inter-Companies, where more than 100 teams from different companies and different sectors will compete, interacting with fun with our friends with intellectual disabilities. It will be a fun hours where each team will come together in the different tests and experiences of strategy, using their skills, their knowledge and the empathy to try to be the winning team of the Cheers4U 2019. In our Team Building, the people with intellectual disabilities play an important role.
Remember, on October 4th – 2019, we will make the largest Team Building Inter-Companies with Social Value, in a unique place such as the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

L'Esdeveniment - Cheers4U
L'Esdeveniment - Cheers4U


Cheers4U is looking for companies from all sectors that are interested in joining their work teams and collaborating in the training of people with intellectual disabilities to make their environments more inclusive. Each Team will have a maximum of 6 people, (who must choose a captain who will have technological access to everything). They will meet in a very different environment, they will challenge themselves with their intelligence, their capacity for consensus and leadership, at the same time they will test their skills, their strategic abilities and the empathy with people with intellectual disabilities. They will have fun and laugh, in a free circuit, with tests, tracks and activities to be the winning team of the Cheers4u 2019.
This event is looking for companies that want to unite and enforce all the personal capabilities of their teams, training in social and labor inclusion, contributing to a activity with social value.
The day culminates when the winning team is awarded as ‘The Winner Team Cheers4u 2019’.
The contribution of € 1,550 of the registration at the Cheers4U Team Building 2019 will be received by the Icària Iniciatives Socials Foundation.

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR Cheers4u Team Building 2019?

Through the website of each company or organization may register his team / their teams in the ‘Registration’ section. It would be good to register your team with a creative name that accompanies the name of the company. You also have to send us the contact details of the captain, a contact mobile phone number and, then, make the donation of € 1,550 by credit card or bank transfer, sending us the necessary company data for the donation certificate. A maximum of 5 teams can be registered per company.
The contribution to the Cheers4U 2019 per team is € 1,550.
Click on the following link and start the registration: Here.

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